Saturday, November 11, 2017

Trek to Deepadakallu & Jenukallu Gudda – Around Sakaleshpur

Beautiful Valley
The trail was very tough, distance was very less, team size was very small, very steep trail, the panorama view was excellent, lonely peaks, cool breeze, green carpet across hills, deep scary valley, major trek points of Ombattu Gudda [OG], Amedikallu, Yettinabhuja and Aramane Gudda just in front of us. Indeed, it was very great experience to hike the Deepadakallu & Jenukallu Gudda in Western Ghat.

Deepadakallu Gudda
I have very less explored the places around Sakaleshpur. My friend, Shanthi Prasad planned to hike these two popular places with small team. The time is to gauge new Duster off road drive by my beloved friend Vijay. The dates are finalized on 11 – 12th November 2017, team size 05 members. The stay is booked in advance at Homestay.

We assembled the previous night of 10th November 2017 at Vijay home. Myself, Shanthi Prasad, Ashok, Vijay and his cousin Vikas. We had delicious dinner at his home, thanks to Vijay.

Started our journey early morning at 5 am. From RR Nagar. Very soon we crossed the Bengaluru city and hit the Mangaluru highway. As we expected, the traffic was less in the morning. Taking a single break for tea, reached the Sakaleshpur. Decided to have the breakfast at Ossor Restaurant, finished and continued our journey towards the Homestay.
The homestay is at Hodachahalli (Bengal Bus Stop), near Hanbal, Sakaleshpur Taluq. Taking google support & local people reached the homestay around 10.30 am. They welcomed us with Tea as welcome drink. Quickly we got refreshed and ready to start our trek.

Ready to Begin Trek
Guide, Rajesh is ready with parcel lunch, started our journey at 11.30 am. The initial trail pass through forest, crossed some small streams. Guide suggested us to fill the water bottles, since there is no source of water at peak.

Initial Trail
Deepadakallu Gudda is visible at short distance, entire trail is in open grassland. The trek distance is very less, but trail is about 60-degree angle. We have to put more strength on lower part of the leg. It is more tough to hike with luggage, even it is more challenge in monsoon.
Steep Ascend
The hike was not so easy, taking multiple short breaks, enjoying the panorama reached the peak. The entire valley is visible from this hill. 

Deepadakallu Gudda
OG is just back side, Amedikallu is little far, Yettinabhuja is just parallel and also Aramane Gudda.

Yettinabhuja far Away
Relaxed for sometimes, now the next peak is Jenukallu Gudda. The trail from Deepadakallu is almost straight line in the grassland. The view is very scenic, continued our journey.

Beautiful Valley
As we moved very close to Jenukallu, it was really scary. The hike is very steep and its almost 70 degree angle. I was recalling the Brahmagiri Trek last stretch. We should be very careful while ascending, small mistake can through us in the valley.

One of the Tough Trail of Jenukallu Gudda
Taking more cautious, we conquered the peak. The joy of reaching on the peak is unlimited. We can see entire 360-degree view from the top. Guide was explaining about the peaks. 

Beautiful Valley
Only six souls on the top, enjoying the cool breeze with deep valley is most memorable. We found animal movement very far, it could be beer or Indian Gaur.

On the Top of Jenukallu Gudda
We spent some good time on the top, had the fruits. Stomach is very hungry, guide suggested to have the lunch at Deepadakallu. The decision was good, filled stomach is very tough to hike this peak.

Beautiful Valley
Started our descending journey to Deepadakallu. We should be very careful while descending, many times we got skid, luckily the grass route helped us to get down safely.

Grassland journey pace was fast, very soon reached the lunch point. We should appreciate the homestay yummy lunch. Filled our hungry stomach with Chapati, curry, pickle, bread. 

Lunch at Deepadakallu Gudda
Relaxed for sometimes and spent good time in photography.

Pose to Pic
We asked the guide to change the descending trail, requested him to take two more small peaks. We had enough time to reach back to homestay. This path again is very tough, there was no trail at all. We have to make path and descend in the slippery trail.

Follow in Grassland
Our steps either we are putting on rock or in hole, making path with great difficulty reached the safe place. Now the OG is very close to us, just we should cross the dense forest valley. Crossing the small hill we reached the sunset point.

Couple of other people were already present. They were from another homestay. We waited for sometimes to sunset, witnessed wonderful view and started back to homestay.

Beautiful Sunset
Evening snacks ready with tea. There were around other 3 groups in the homestay. They prepared a separate fire-camp to each one. We settle down in front of fire-camp, had lot of chitchat.

Fire Camp
Dinner was simple good food, finished and relaxed for the day.

As usual I woke up very early at 5 am., finished our morning core job and set ready to view the sun rise. 

Beautiful Sunrise
Guide took us to Pandavara Betta, just back side the homestay. Hope it is very popular small hill, there were already many people from other homestay.

Pandavara Betta
Now we can feel the crowd, slowly started coming from many places. We hiked one more hill and spent some good time on photography.

Enjoying Valley
We can have beautiful view of Bhairaveshwara temple from hill. It was reminding me the Mahadeva temple of Tambdi – Surla.

Bhaireshwara Temple
Headed towards the temple, paid Darshana and visited nearby lake. After some good time, headed back to homestay.

Quickly finished our breakfast, packed our luggage and headed back to Bengaluru. Spent some good time in photography around homestay.

Photo Session
We decided to visit Agni village and explore a waterfall & also visit to Kaadumane Estate. Rajesh, Guide who was in charge in homestay native village is Agni. He informed one of his cousin about our arrival.

Return journey started, on the way visited Abbhi waterfall. It was very small one, but very scenic.

Abbe Falls
Manju, the guy was waiting to receive us at some point of junction, followed him to his home. The location and home is so beautiful, typical Malenadu home. Parked our vehicle and set to explore the waterfalls.

We all requested him to arrange the Lunch, and happily agreed. Continued our journey towards falls. Passing through many coffee plantation, entered forest. The falls is in remote place, its lonely, except us none of the crowd.

Agni Falls
I & Ashok were not in mood to dip in the cold water, others enjoyed the falls. We explored little inside the forest. After the enjoyment in the falls, headed back to Manju home. He took us his coffee estate for lunch spot. A small stream flowing mid of the estate, relaxed for lunch.

Lunch at stream
Hot delicious lunch brought from his home. I feel, this was the one of the best lunch I ever had, we all were so happy. Had some photography session.

Deep discussion about next trek
We all in hurry to reach Bengaluru before traffic mount. Took a deviation towards Kaadumane Estate. We had no enough time to explore it, moreover we have to walk all the way from main gate to factory place. All decided to skip the visit and continued to Bengaluru.

Kadumane Estate - Tea Plantation
Vikas driving was like a superman, the traffic was not less. He reached us safely to Bengaluru at 8.30 pm. We all had dinner at RR Nagar and adieu to our home.

Two days was amazing and memorable treknic, thanks to each one of friend inviting me to this wonderful place.

PC: Vijayanand SB & Ashok Gowda

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Rajyotsava Ride to Madhugiri Fort

This time Kannada Rajyotsava, 1st November 2017 was on Wednesday, mid of the week. Thought four of friends (myself, Shanthi Prasad, Sudhakar & Suresh) utilize to explore Madhugiri Fort. Suresh chalked down the route plan, Sudhakar is pilot for his grand Alto.

We all assembled early morning at Shanthi Prasad home, started journey at 5 am. Early morning ride was very pleasure, very soon crossed the city. The traffic was much less, took the deviation at Dabaspete towards Madhugiri.

Very soon we hit the Koratgere, decided to stop for breakfast. Found very descent hotel. Filled with some good yummy breakfast and continued our journey.

We reached around 9 am to Madhugiri. The fort is in mid of the town. Parking lot was completely empty, we the first one, started our hiking slowly. The weather was cloudy and perfect to explore the fort.

On occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava, decided to have competition. We have to speak ‘Kannada’ without using any other language words. It was very humorous tough competition. We realized, how so difficult to speak Kannada. But Kasturi Kannada is amazing.

At one point of time, the trail is very tough. The grill is broken, but the rope will help you to cross the stretch.

Enjoying the trail, we reached the peak. Spent some good time and relaxed. Slowly the crowd stated to mount in the fort, quickly descended.

While going back taken a route covering Jayamangali Black-buck Reserve Sanctuary and Lepakshi. 

The day spent very well covering all three major places. Kannada Rajyotsava will be most memorable for all of us to speak pure Kannada at least a day.